Honoring the Transition

Death, a mystery that most of use do not want to face. The unfortunate truth is that it's easier to hear that a loved one passed away and greave rather than see them transition before your eyes. It's a challenge that I accepted.

When I got into Reiki, I romanticized the idea of volunteering at a nursing home or hospice where I could help the elderly transition. When I began volunteering at the Gagnon Cancer in Morristown, NJ, I thought I would get my opportunity assist with someone transition.

Little did I know that all that the universe had something else in stored for me.

My bother Michael Angel Saez, was going in for a routine outpatient surgery. Unfortunately, he experienced heart failure and he couldn't be revived for approximately thirteen minutes.

He suffered massive brain damage and we waited a week until the decision was made to take him off life support. Each day I would give him a Reiki session. On the day that the life support removed, I placed my hands on his heart and crown chakras as watched him take his last breath and transitioned .

I was very fortunate to have a private moment with him. I was able to hug him and bid him farewell. When his wife and son came in, we all said our farewells to a great man.